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Commitment to Mastery

Professor Michael Blasie is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on plain language laws. Driven by his passion to reform legal documents, he combines years of practice experience as a trial lawyer with research into the intersection of linguistics and the law.

Lawyers and Judges All Over the World . . . 

Demand for Professor Blasie's plain language expertise spans the globe. As a lead writing instructor for the National Judicial College, he teaches judges from across the United States and the world how to improve judicial opinion writing.  Lawyers for companies, law firms, and government agencies enjoy his workshops. Professor Blasie has presented in India, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, and Uzbekistan.

With a team of international experts, he serves on the committee exploring options for plain language certification of organizations, individuals, trainings, and documents. 

768 Laws and Counting

Scholarship at the Forefront of Plain Language

Professor Blasie authored the first book to identify and analyze every United States plain language law:

United States Plain Language Laws: The Laws Revolutionizing Transactional and Governmental Document Design. Lawyers, judges, governments, and scholars across the world rely on his research.  He serves as a professor of law at Seattle University School of Law.

Infusing Experience Into Scholarship

Professor Blasie spent ten years as a civil and criminal trial lawyer in New York City and Denver before becoming a professor. He had the privilege of working as a law clerk for Judge David Richman.


At New York University School of Law he worked for Professor Arthur R. Miller and President John Sexton, became a Robert McKay Scholar, and served as editor of the NYU Annual Survey of American Law. Professor Blasie is a proud graduate of Hamilton College.​

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